The fabrics often used in apparel

Mua phế liệu will introduce the following fabrics as follows:

Natural fabrics:      
- Natural fabrics are fabrics made in nature and not man-made. Derived from animals such as silk, wool, ... plants like cotton, linen, jute, thorns, etc.     
 - Cotton fabrics, silk fabrics with high moisture absorption should wear cool but easy to crease. When washing will dry long. When burning ash squeeze easily melt Chemical fiber cloth:      
- A man-made chemical fiber made from certain substances such as wood, bamboo, oil, coal, etc.      
- There are 2 types of yarn:
+ Artificial yarn made from artificial fibers 
+ Synthetic fabrics made from synthetic fibers Chemical fiber production process:
- Blended fabrics made by blended yarn. Blended yarns are usually produced by combining two different types of yarns to form textile fibers.     
- Blended fabrics usually have the advantages of component fibers.         
The following fabrics are written in English:      
Silk: Silk Wool: wool      
Cotton: Rayon cotton: rayon      
Viscose: Polyester Visco 
fiber: Polyester yarn      
Nylon: Satin nylon: satin fabric